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We do have a list of dream wishes

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Posted on: 03/30/18
Developer Psyonix has already announced that Dominic Toretto's Dodge IceCharger in Speed ​​and Passion will appear in Rocket League. Charger will be sold on April 4 at a price of $1.99, and it will be displayed on the April 14th in the "Speed ​​and Passion" at the major universities. The DLC will also include six unique stickers. You can view them in the gallery below and Charger: Charger is one of a series of cars authorized to land on the Rocket League. It also includes the Batmobile in "Batman vs Superman: Justice Dawn" and "Back to the Future DeLorean.

Jeremy Dunham, Psyonix’s vice president, told IGN that the studio has been successfully introducing mainstream brands into rocket football because the studio behind the film is usually a fan of Rocket League. “This is our biggest ally. In fact, all the studios related to our business are playing our games. They are fans of deep love games,” Dunham said. Regarding the issue of selecting familiar vehicles from major franchises, Dunham said that the studio will contact their favorite car, but there is no definite target list. "Usually these are the cars we want to introduce into the game Rocket League Crates.

We do have a list of dream wishes, but it's not entirely certain that the list must be strictly adhered to,” said Dunner, speaking of the initial DeLorean collaboration, when the team actually wanted Doc Brown’s car to appear in the game Rocket League Items. A brand manager at Universal Studios has contacted and Dunham has recently expressed to IGN that the game may have landed on the Nintendo Switch, and provided "Rocket Alliance" progress and possible future PS4-XboxOne linkage game updates.


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