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Top Brands Go Hand In Hand With Top Sports

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Posted on: 10/10/17
Recently, Nike has held a huge new season of jerseys in Los Angeles, the biggest of which is the use of NikeConnect. This app hidden in jersey in the bottom corner, through the mobile phone connection with fans, it can release any information related to the teams and players, but also to be able to interact with the fans.

In the NBA China before October 4, 2017, Nike jersey in China start the new season is selected in a flashier bunch of e-sports game on the stars, the timberwolves core downs for New Jersey LOLGA.

On the same day, downs and former NBA finals MVP iguodala led the timberwolves respectively and warriors, gather all the stars, entertainers and high game play, gave a fun NBA2K Online test, the scene also staged, star tiger flapping pedestrians mr.wong final 3 v3 and dunk contest of the three most popular real basketball tournament.

The influential e-sports carnival attracts in-depth participation from a number of top brands, including master kong and Nike.


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