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This is full of male hormonal movement

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Posted on: 03/15/18
NFL, ranked first in the four major professional sports in North America, is also the professional sports league crown on the pearl. The annual rugby Super Bowl is the nation's highest-rated TV show, and this day has also become a national holiday in the United States. Super Bowl advertising is to reach $ 4.5 million every 30 seconds, worthy of the world's most profitable tournament.

But this is full of male hormonal movement in China is not familiar with the people, the prime time of the TV almost do not see any football game live , surrounded by few people engaged in NFL Madden Coins, ordinary people even the game rules are engaged in Not sure, can not appreciate the charm of the sport.

However, in Guangzhou, there are still a few amateur football team in silently adhere to the campus there are young people set up a football community. They meet not only because of common hobbies, but also believe that one day, the desert will be out of their flowers.


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