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The world's most expensive player

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Posted on: 03/31/18
Victor Vazquez was a former teammate of Lionel Messi in the Barcelona Youth Team. He recalled that Messi had played "without a rest for three consecutive hours" during the marathon event Rocket League Crates. Messi's other Barcelona teammate Gerard Piqué said that until now he will play FIFA when he is staying at a hotel.

As "the world's most expensive player", Manchester United French national midfielder Paul Pogba played "Football Manager" during the World Cup two years ago - Pogba coached Chelsea, who signed himself in the game. .

Like most new-generation players, Ivobi, 20, loves playing video games since childhood. Of course Ivobee also played. He joined Arsenal's training camp Rocket League Items when he was 9 years old, and he also participated in the 5-a-side football match in the eastern part of London. If Arsenal's youth coach helped Ivoby improve his talent and instilled disciplinary and dedication into him, then some of his tips came from playing a 5-a-side game on the street - at the street court, either Errors will be exploited by "crazy to bully your big boys."

However, Ivobi’s preference for video games also has an impact on his growth as a player. Ivobi is like Pirlo and Nesta. The favorite team in FIFA is Barcelona. He likes imaginative and often mischievous Brazilian attack organizer Ronaldinho. "He has all the skills and even some actions that he will not try in the real world," Ivobi said.

Ivobi also particularly likes Aiden McGeady, an Irish winger who is far behind Ronaldinho. "I want to imitate one of his moves and will practice in the garden." Similarly, Ivoby will often spend hours trying to turn the actions of the idol Ronaldinho in the virtual world into reality. These trainings helped Yvobis improve his skills and advance his career.


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