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The Retrospective For The Saints

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Posted on: 10/21/17
Regardless of your overall scenario in the "Connect to Franchising" model, you always need at least two decent, wide receivers to bail you out in long yards. The receivers listed below should be able to be used in subsequent rounds of the fantasy drafts, because they do not resemble George Antonio Brown or Julio Jones, and so on. These are the best young WR in Madden 18.

Tyreek Hill ($number OVR, 23)-Hill may not have the most impressive rookie season with the Chiefs, but he still has excellent speed ratings and reliable capture statistics on the fast-growing features.

Sterling Shepard ($number OVR, 23)-Shepard had a great success with the Giants after the second round was selected in 2016, and this year he had a bigger relationship with Eli Manning. Whoever throws the ball, he will be a reliable recipient of any associated franchise team.

Blanding Cook ($number OVR, 23)-A 1000-season retrospective for the Saints, the Chef can act as a speed receiver in a connected franchise attack, not necessarily sacrificing his speed to capture intangible assets LOLGA.

Amaricu Cooper (87 years old, 23 years old)-Cooper has flourished in offensive and defensive attacks, and Derek Carr has thrown the ball to the players, but whoever throws the ball will be the real first recipient of the franchise team.

Stefon Diggs ($number OVR, 23)-Diggs after the fifth round was selected and exploded from the NFL scene a season ago. He had some impressive and reliable hands, and he also gained the benefits of rapid development features.


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