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The NBA Is A Business League

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Posted on: 10/11/17
New Orleans has a special meaning for Adam Silver.

Three years ago, it was also the all-star, the same city, the same arena, the NBA held a press conference, and Adam Silver first faced global media after taking office. There are also rumors that Adam Silver's cancellation of the charlotte all-star game was given to New Orleans LOLGA because he was thinking about it. But New Orleans tourism chief, pudi, disagreed. there's been a lot of big tournaments in New Orleans, and that's why the NBA likes us, he said.

He added, the NBA is a business alliance.

This three years, is also the NBA as a business alliance three years of rapid development, in 2014, Adam Silver just took office, the only three teams in the NBA market capitalisation of more than $1 billion, respectively, is the New York knicks, the Los Angeles lakers and Chicago bulls now, the knicks a market capitalisation of $3 billion, 30 teams than doubled in three years ago, the average value of $1.36 billion. Such success was the result of the reform of Adam Silver's massive axe.

Adam Silver talks about the future of the NBA in the upcoming all-star news conference at the all-star news conference

It is difficult to ignore a reality, always with a smile, a pleasant Adam Silver, the control of the direction of billions of dollars worth of business alliances, although is hardly bullying President, but it is not and can not be simple.

As long as you enter the interview, Adam Silver can easily show the other side, with steady eyes and fast speaking speed. He's a very smart, enterprising person, said a staffer in charge of NBA events. Unlike stern, who was somewhat reserved and indifferent, Adam Silver gave the NBA staff the impression that he was very nice, but more important, he dared to do what no one else dared to do.

In all star location, for example, in some staff's opinion, if it is a stern era, will drag for a long time, finally go away, it can cause great negative impact on the NBA, result Adam Silver flat and agile it done. Shortly after he took office, the Los Angeles clippers boss sterling because involving racial discrimination, the processing of Adam Silver also decisive, the clippers were eventually ballmer, NBA also perfectly eliminates a public relations crisis. Before, we really didn't think that Adam Silver could have such a big force, says an NBA insider. but he's really quick and accurate.

Adam Silver is not afraid to make decisions or to be under pressure. This year's all-star contest, because the NBA change voting rules, lead to some players failed to enter the starting, including the current season three pairs of westbrook, but heard tencent sports journalists' questions, Adam Silver without any hesitation. There are so many outstanding players in this league that it is possible to form four all-star teams, and someone has to make a decision. For me, I don't care who is the all-star starter, I care about who is the all-star player, westbrook is the all-star player, he deserves it, said Adam Silver.

He also broke the NBA's 70-year tradition of allowing teams to sell their shirt ads next season. Tencent sports interview, Adam Silver also don't forget to make a advertising, he said very seriously: I would also like to take this opportunity to tencent's boss, recommend to you, I would like to see next season with a team with the mark of tencent. You and your colleagues can think about it.

To be first is a reformer's element of success.


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