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The 3D fighting game

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Posted on: 04/03/18
Fighting Game (FTG). Such games have obvious action game features and are well resolved. The picture is usually the player standing facing each other and fighting each other, using the fighting skills Rocket League Crates to defeat the opponent to win.

Such games are usually set by the highly demanding characters and moves to achieve fair competition. In addition, some of the same types of games focus on the test of the kicks, and some use weapons.

In addition, fighting games still have 2D, mixed rendering (2.5D) and full 3D distinctions, but this is not a category classified by game mode. However, almost all fighting games are played in the same way. Except for a small difference Rocket League Items, it is because the 3D fighting game will not use the back button as the defense because of the change of perspective, so most of them have dedicated defensive keys.


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