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Show Girl is indispensable

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Posted on: 04/04/18
The world's first real racing racing online racing “Racing Alliance” has officially announced its participation in the 12th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition and 2014 ChinaJoy. During this exhibition, "Racing Alliance" prepared for players is a great amount of highlights and playful content. If you are a racing enthusiast or a competitive game enthusiast, you may wish to visit the "Car Racing League" stand in the air network and experience the many exciting things that the Racing League brings to you.

In the ChinaJoy every year, ShowGirl is indispensable, they are sexy or hot Rocket League Crates, or ambiguous about the neighbor, or fresh and beautiful. In this year's CJ, the "Racing Alliance" booth will also invite many different styles of ShowGirl to come to the scene, interact intimately with players, and teach everyone to play "Racing Alliance". Of course, in these ShowGirls, if you find the goddess of racing in your mind, you can also take photos with her and remember this wonderful time!


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