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Sao Paulo Won The South American Cup Champion

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Posted on: 11/10/17
International Football Association and Statistics (IFFSH) announced the 2012 annual league ranking, the Brazilian national football league beyond the Bundesliga, Serie A and Premiership veteran league leapt second. La Liga continues to rank first.

IFFSH has been ranked annually since 1991 in the league, the club in the domestic league and cup, the Intercontinental Cup and FIFA's international competitions in the performance is the main score basis. Baja giants Corinthian team in the end of the World Cup in Japan to win the Premiership Chelsea team to win, for the Bazar added a valuable 34 points, so that the total score of 1057 points, more than 1037 Bundesliga , Serie A 1034 points and 1007 points of the Premiership, as "second place".

In this ranking, the Spanish league won 1283 points, for three consecutive years ranked the world's top league throne, and compared to followers of the points advantage is growing.

The Barsa League rose to an unprecedented level in the global rankings as a result of the club's record FIFA 18 Coins. 2012 in addition to Corinthian won the South American Libertadores Cup and World Club Cup champion, as well as Santos won the South American Cup Winners Cup (similar to the European Super Cup) champion, Sao Paulo won the South American Cup champion, the Baja team to achieve Swept the year of the South American club tournament champion feat.

Player output, the Bajia League also frequently generous, last year the two national teams Nova Oscar and Lucas to Europe giants of the transfer to break the country's players turnover turnover record is proof.


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