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Rocket League is a dark horse work

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Posted on: 02/27/18

The EA executives really appreciate the Rocket League.

At the E3 expo, EA released their independent games support project EA Originals, director said in an interview, they wanted to find like Psyonix production team, and their "Rocket League" such a dark horse Rocket League Keys. Soon after, however, the "Rocket League" team hit their faces hard.

"Do I want to be a Rocket League sponsor? B: yes. Do I want "Rocket League" to be an EA project? Of course. That's what the EA Originals project was all about. It can help us find these creative people and get to know their projects and help them release them. It also helps us find new ideas Rocket League Items.

Released shortly after the interview, Psyonix studio creative director of Cory Davis on twitter, said: "we actually had in 2011, bringing the game to EA to exhibit recommendation, I think this will not have what difference!"


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