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Player will be able to start a business match

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Posted on: 10/20/17
In the "Master of soccer" game, the player can set up formation, learning tactics, configure the starting line-up, the player number, the player by exploring the characteristics and expertise of different players, with the formation of additional offense and defense Plus, DIY own personalized team. In the game, you can have the Scout identity to buy and deal with the right player, and can train him into your right-hand tiger!

There are 4 games in the game system: Career, Invitational, master league and the Battle of the Giants. 1) in the career race, after the players conquer the world famous league teams, they can accumulate prestige, get the money, the players, the experience; 2 the player will be able to start a business match LOLGA with the other players, after which the winning party can get a large amount of euros for the development of the team; 3) in the Master League, Players will be involved in the competition for the top leagues in Europe, more opportunities to win the Champions League and UEFA trophy, such as the ultimate honor; 4. In the Battle of the Giants, players can carve out the classic battles of the big clubs over the years.

In the game based on robot dynamics of the AI action engine, not only can realize dribbling, extraordinary, force Rob, header, shovel ball, such as more than 30 kinds of basic football action, but also Marseille maneuver, volley volley, Barb, after passing, human ball points, such as the classic high-level action, the process of intense tension, boiling. The player will evaluate the current situation and make the best strategy for the game. In an offensive situation, the player assesses the best position and time to move the ball forward efficiently; In the defensive situation, the player blocks the opposing players according to the formation arrangement, and the goalkeeper will defend against the area where the ball and the opposing player are judged to be the most risky.


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