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EA Tiburon'S Team Showed Them Longshot

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Posted on: 11/13/17

Devin Wade has a dream: he wants to play in the NFL. As a quarterback, to be accurate. But Devon is not my college football player; he is not in any scout radar or ESPN analyst's draft committee. He has left football for years - in fact, he has been considering going out and going on, getting a real job on a quote. Madden NFL 18, which is the first story of the twenty-nine years of history - he will give it another chance. And by you to help him do it.

Mike Young is Creative Director of Madden 18 and co-lead author of Longshot. Like millions of other people, he grew up to become a professional athlete, either in baseball or hockey Madden 18 Coins. Although these dreams fell on the side of the road, he finally gave him a career with some sports legend - such as John Madden himself, and Young and developer EA Tiburon's team showed them Longshot.


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