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Durant's Coach Was Too Strict

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Posted on: 10/24/17
In high school, durant was already famous. But his coach was too strict. Plus the too far away from the arena, durant later recalled, "I told my godfather, I don't want to play basketball any more, I also took a little time to summon up courage to say to him. But then I thought, this is the test of god to give me, I may not be so rotten. Confused durant wants to give up the basketball," my mom know what I think, she pulled me aside and then two slap fan flew for I intend to give up. She talked to me a lot and gave me a lot of good advice. 

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It was my mom who made me get back on track. Since then, I haven't had any deviation LOLGA.INC. "Durant said. At the end of each school, durant has been more than basketball school. And he was, apparently ready to can go to any a starter. When Kevin durant, although has reached 2 meters height, but he still kept guard speed and instinct. Durant has no rival in high school, in the peer on the pitch, already can do whatever you want. He has the ability to let his teammates score, also can choose their own time and way to score an easy.


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